Start by Doing Small Things

Do you feel like you should be able to get more done in any given day, week or month?  That you’re on the edge of being able to make a difference in your life, or in the life of someone else, but for some reason it’s just too hard to get there?

There always seems to be some reason, or some person, who is holding you back.  Someone or something putting up a wall that is hard to get beyond.

Doing more with your life doesn’t have to be anything major, like becoming financially independent.  The frustrations often occur over smaller things, like not having enough time to relax, to see your friends after work, or to get to the gym.

DO SMALL THINGS is a book geared to helping you take small steps to do more in your life.  Everyone faces resistance, and DO SMALL THINGS guides you past the potholes and to a place where, small step by small step, you do more with your life.

Once you get into the habit of doing small things and worrying about other things later, you will find it is easy, fun and very rewarding.