100 Day Project – Do Something Every Day!

by Bill Tucker on October 17, 2015


Tom Wahlin immersed himself in The 100 Day Project. Each day he created a Wallpaper Disco illustration.

It’s a great example of building habits, a little bit at a time.  Each day for 100 days, Tom sat down, and created a new Wallpaper Disco illustration.  Some days it took 5 minutes, some days it took 20 minutes.  He limited his daily time, but each and every day did an illustration.  For 100 straight days.  That’s habit building.

If you can do something for 100 straight days, it positions you to do just about anything.  Do you sell for a living?  Have a management team?  Want a new job?  Improve your life?  Do a little every day for 100 straight days and you will make a difference in your life.  You will learn more about yourself.  Guaranteed.  See the link for Tom’s experiences and perspectives. This is the epitome of doing small things. Tom improved his illustration and creative skills as well built habits of pushing through resistance, a key to success. Check it out!!

Here’s his retrospective on how the 100 Day Project went.


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