What Do You Want in Life and Business? – Mike Cook

by Bill Tucker on October 14, 2015

Mike Cook — think Buddha meets Mark Cuban — is one of the brightest, most honest, most enjoyable and most direct people you will ever meet.  He has owned management consulting businesses for 30 years, focusing on helping individuals and organizations get aligned toward success.

The first question Mike is likely to ask you is “What do you want?”  This is a seemingly small and simple question, but in Mike’s view, the question is “Often scary and often very difficult to answer and most likely the key to your success.”

Answering this question sets the stage for looking at the conditions by which you want to live your life.  At one point, Mike had a business of 15 people that was growing quickly, making excellent money.  He ultimately walked away from that business, all done in small pieces, and started a smaller business. Why?  He wanted more balance in his life, including less travel; he scaled his efforts accordingly.

This has allowed Mike to accomplish things on his own terms, and he is committed to the belief that individuals and organizations all possess that same opportunity.

When I was a principal at CCG Consulting, in 2001 after the internet bubble burst, I talked to Mike and he asked me “What do you want? Where do you want to be?”  That single conversation, one simple hour, led to a series of small actions that ultimately led to my becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Follow Mike’s advice.  As yourself “What do I want?”  Then get going.  The most exciting thing Mike has learned in life is that “You see a lot more by getting going than you do by sitting still.  It doesn’t guarantee success, but it’s the way.”  What do you want?

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