Top Reasons To Start a Business

by Bill Tucker on October 20, 2015


Do you want to start your own business?  I have started about 15 of them.  So why do people start their own business?  To become super wealthy?  To be the next Mark Cuban or Mark Zuckerberg?  Build a billion dollar company?  Somewhat surprisingly, becoming wealthy is not a top reason for starting a business in 2015.

According to the 2015 First Citizens Business Forecast, the Top 2 reasons to start a business are (1) Flexibility and (2) Life Balance.  If you think about it, that makes perfect sense.  Let’s face it, making money is an absolute pre-requisite to owning a business, because otherwise you have no business!  There is no program for failed businesses and losing money is not a fun outcome.

At the same time, having more Flexibility and Life Balance as an objective provides people with the ability to start small, including home-based, part-time businesses.  Do you want to be your boss as a stay at home parent?  You can do it!!  Succeeding at any business requires substantial effort, discipline and perseverance regardless of location or goal.  That is my hard earned experience. At the same time, business ownership also provides the kind of lifestyle options that many people want (as I write this from my favorite coffee shop before I head to Minneapolis).

If you want the kind of Lifestyle or Flexibility in Life that you can’t get from your current job, starting a business may be the way to go rather than simply changing jobs.  It’s not for everyone, but you can start small and create the outcome that you want.




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