About the Book

DO SMALL THINGS was written based on the author’s personal experiences, as well as the experiences of many of those around him.

The book walks you through important lessons in daily living that allow you to break through resistance that exists everywhere.  Once you understand who and what is providing the resistance, you can manage that resistance, improve your confidence, and small step by small step, a little at a time, overcome the obstacles and get more done.

Getting more done with your life is rewarding, it helps you live the life that YOU want, not the life that someone else wants for you.

The book is about putting a foot in the water before learning how to swim.  It’s about riding your bike to the corner store for bread rather than driving.  It’s about walking through the woods to appreciate the beauty of the trees.  It’s about resting and relaxing after a good day of getting things done!  It’s about picking up the phone and calling a friend. It’s about anything that you would like to do but haven’t started on.  Or perhaps you’ve started and stopped and would like to begin again.  Start by doing small and easy and worry about the rest later.